Learn from industry professionals – Hollywood music, film and fashion producers, managers, publicists – the people who make it happen.

“Hollywood’s Secrets Revealed.”

A creative artist education series that takes learning to the next level with a masterclass style experience, offering interactive and personal contact with leaders in entertainment. HCA reveals the secrets and expert knowledge of industry leaders in the fields of film, television, music, fashion and entertainment.

The Hollywood Creative Academy launches worldwide in June 2020. Its vision is to focus on the entertainment business and provide students with video tutorials, exclusive webinars with experts, workshops, and 1-on-1 sessions with industry leaders. Students can access the program from anywhere in the world, including a first ever social platform offering on WECHAT.

Experienced experts:

Experts include: Record Executive & Emerging Technologist Matt Coleman (Madonna, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Warner & Sony Music), Music Supervisor A&R Manager Gary Nuell (Paula Abdul, Savage Garden), Emmy-nominated Producer & Young Artist Academy™ Co-Chair Andre Marcel, Award-winning Actor, Producer, Director Chris M. Allport, Young Artist Academy™ Executive Producer & AMB Publicity Creative Officer Michelle Koshman, and Emmy-winning Fashion industry leader Mark Roscoe. HCA’s featured music expert is well known NAMM speaker and music educator/producer Joe Solo, who discovered multi-platinum Grammy-winning artist Macy Gray.

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