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Mercedes Gonzalez

Meet Your Instructor:

Mercedes Gonzalez is a fashion strategist with over 20 years in the apparel industry, with extensive experience in sourcing, planning and purchasing. She has helped to open or restructure hundreds of stores in the USA and abroad, negotiating pricing with manufacturers, streamlining operations, researching market trends and values. She has traveled to countless countries and is regularly invited to speak at trade shows, fashion weeks, and conferences.

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From concepts and collections to production and community, Fashion Strategist Mercedes Gonzalez breaks down the gritty details of making it in Fashion and Entertainment. Avoid industry misconceptions, and learn the necessary elements in order to take your love of fashion from a hobby to a successful career!

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Join Hollywood Creative Academy and learn a variety of skills from experienced professionals responsible for some of your favorite music, fashion, film and TV, and interactive digital experiences. 

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